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AM Sculptures, Andrew Mallon

Andrew Mallon is a full time Chainsaw Carver working out of Northern Virginia.  He began chainsaw carving in 2012.  After 4 years he decided it was time to turn his hobby into full time occupation.  Andrew hung up his tool belt and after 15 years as a Professional Carpenter left the field to follow his passion.    


In 2016 AM Sculptures was established.  Throughout the year Andrew can be found all over the eastern United States attending different chainsaw carving events, festivals, and fairs.  When he is not traveling he works locally carving stumps and custom pieces, making furniture, and spending time with his family and friends. 


Andrew’s carvings are known for their movement and his use of negative space.  He has a natural talent, which helps him see a finished piece before he takes his first cut.  Additionally, his carpentry background helps him put works of art together in ways many would have difficulty with.  Andrew is looking forward to continued success and all the future holds for AM Sculptures.


A personal message from Andrew:  “Thanks for visiting my site.  I hope my work inspired you in some way.  If you ever need anything please message me I would love to hear from you.  I am motivated by you and love creating new unique projects for people.” 

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